Smart Swab™

The Best Way to Clean Your Ear
Comfortably & Safely

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Features & Benefits

It’s Never Been Easier to Clean Your Ear Quickly & Comfortably!

Smart Swab’s Innovative Secret
is the Soft Spiral Grooved Head

Cotton swab damage

Typical Cotton Swabs
Can Go Too Far & Cause Pain!

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  • “Wow! I have never
    taken out that much
    wax before.”
    “It definitely feels
    more effective than
    a normal swab.”
  • “I have never pulled out this much wax. That’s crazy.”
    “It’s way more
    comfortable than using a traditional swab”
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“Ironically the most common cause of earwax blockage is people using cotton swabs, or other objects that can push wax deeper into your ear, potentially injuring your eardrum. Smart Swab’s™ extraction system eliminates the worry and cleans very effectively.”– Dr. Adam S. Rosoff

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